Women – Closet Styling: 2-3 hours


Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? Are you holding on to clothes that no long fit or flatter you? Do you find it challenging to put together outfits that make you feel and look your best?

  • Clear away clothes that no longer fit, flatter or serve your style goals
  • Organize and group your clothing in an efficient way that works with your lifestyle
  • Create new outfits and clothing combinations from your existing wardrobe
  • Recommend key seasonal clothing items and accessories to supplement your existing wardrobe
  • Design a system to ensure getting dressed is an easy and enjoyable experience

Personal Shopping for Women – 2-3 hours per session

Do you get overwhelmed when you go shopping? Do you make impulse purchases because they are on sale? Only to find they don’t go with any items you have in your current wardrobe? Do you still have tags on clothes in your closet?

  • Source clothes that fit your budget, body type and your personal style
  • Voice of reason; provide feedback to ensure smart buying decisions
  • Educate you on how cuts and fits work with your body type
  • Knowledge of style trends and store layouts
  • Provide an efficient and pleasant shopping experience

Special Event Styling Women – 2 hours minimum

Did you just receive an invitation to an amazing event or wedding and have no idea what you’re going to wear?

  • Identify your personal style based on lifestyle, body type, personality etc.
  • Create ‘show-stopping’ outfits for events and special occasions
  • Combine current clothing and/or source new clothing items to create your look
  • Fashion your entire look from head to toe; outfit, to shoes and accessories
  • Ideal service for special events and occasions